For the first time, a curated selection of Ralph Lauren timepieces is available online


Ralph Lauren

This watch is currently unavailable online.
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This watch is currently unavailable online.
Please contact a specialist for more information

Inspired by Ralph Lauren’s first New York flagship at 867 Madison Avenue, our newest timepiece collection merges modern design with Art Deco elegance


A vivid expression of Ralph Lauren’s refined equestrian heritage


The rare engraving art of guilloché gives the Slim Classique its unmatched sophistication


The adventurous spirit of nautical and military design is combined with the finest Swiss-made movements


Chapter I


crafted entirely in switzerland by master artisans following the purest traditions of swiss watchmaking

The Art of the Craft

An intimate portrait of a rare tradition

Chapter II


Astonishing in its beauty and precision, guilloché is one of watchmaking’s rarest art forms. Engraved patterns interlace, creating lines often so fine that they are barely visible to the naked eye.

Created using a rose engine that dates back to the late 19th century, the unique guilloché pattern featured in the Ralph Lauren Slim Classique collection adorns the dial with a distinct barleycorn design made up of 80 waves circling from the outer edges to the center of the dial.

Each line is crafted by a master engraver, who skillfully controls the speed and pressure of the rose engine to ensure the flawless depth and symmetry of the pattern. Additional guilloché patterns frame the dial’s Roman numerals and embellish the elegant bezel, representing traditional watchmaking excellence at its most exquisite.

Those few individuals with the patience, dexterity and passion necessary to master the craft are as rare a breed as the rose engines themselves. While at one time guilloché was a thriving art practiced by more than a thousand craftsmen in Switzerland, today the country has only four full-time guillocheurs.

In preserving and presenting the art of authentic guilloché, the Ralph Lauren Slim Classique collection evokes the rich history of some of the finest techniques of traditional watchmaking.

Chapter III


Ralph Lauren always has had a passion for watches and had aspired to enter the world of luxury watches for many years. In Richemont, he has found the perfect partner to help him realize his vision.

The collaboration between Ralph Lauren and Richemont represents more than a joint venture between two companies. It is a true partnership between two men—Ralph Lauren, chairman and chief executive officer of Ralph Lauren Corporation, and Johann Rupert, executive chairman of Richemont—who share the same passions for attention to detail and quality that are so important in the world of high-end watchmaking.

The Ralph Lauren Stirrup Collection

The Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection

The Ralph Lauren Sporting Collection

The Ralph Lauren Slim Classique Collection

Each extraordinary timepiece has a unique design that captures Ralph Lauren’s signature sensibilities of luxury, glamour and timelessness. Authentic and refined, the watches are comprehensively designed and offered in white gold, rose gold, platinum and stainless steel. Many are embellished with brilliant diamonds.

Every timepiece resonates with Ralph Lauren’s one-of-a-kind aesthetic and showcases exceptional finishes, intricate details and precise mechanical movements that are the ultimate in Swiss-made excellence.